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Lenox Hill Construction is a Chicago-based national firm providing a broad range of commercial construction services. We are dedicated to building life-long, permanently lasting partnerships with our clients by cost-effectively delivering the highest levels of service, quality, and ingenuity.


One Size Does Not Fit All

When it comes to construction, one size does not fit all. By leveraging our expertise in design/build, general contracting, and construction management, we are able to custom fit a solution that best suits your specific project vision. We will establish project parameters of budget and schedule, but we will go well beyond and consider the unique nature and character of yourself, your operation, your team, and your way of doing business.

Our History

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Honor and Integrity

Company founder Henry Hill began building houses in and around Will County, Illinois in 1995. He assumed much leadership and business control from his Father, Robert, and Grandfather, Marion Hill, from their experiences of operating a multitude of successful construction and development businesses together beginning in 1958. Both of them urged Henry to complete his engineering education in the late 1990’s, and to build a business from the beginning, so in 1997 Henry started reaching into residential work and began expanding his focus into non-residential construction.  He incorporated Marion Hill Company in 2003 after the successful completion of the company’s first several commercial projects.  Henry eventually started to diversify and the resulting organization went on to start building an impressive portfolio of senior nursing, senior living, retail, institutional, industrial, manufacturing, civil, and municipal project experience.

Henry then decided to bring partners into the business in order to increase its financial stability and wealth.  Marion Hill Company, along with several other small businesses, were sold to the new partnership and in 2012 Mack Construction Corporation was incorporated as a sum of all of Henry Hill’s parts and the small group of investors.  By 2015 the corporation’s revenue had grown by more than 1000%.  Henry took that success and bought all the company shares from the investors taking sole ownership in 2015.  Henry changed the name of the company to Lenox Hill Construction and the organization has not looked back.  The core management philosophy is to maintain honor and integrity throughout all the various phases and inevitable challenges any project presents.  These principles are demonstrated daily by the company management team that Henry started putting together in the late 1990’s.  Every major management role within the organization is held by someone with a minimum of 12 years of experience working with Henry Hill.


1958- Marion Hill and Robert began working together through many business ventures
1995- Henry Hill starts building residential homes
1997- Henry Hill starts acquiring engineering degree(s) and venturing into non-residential construction
2003- Marion Hill Company is incorporated after several years of successfully completing commercial projects
2010- Investors and new partnerships were forming
2012- Mack Construction Corporation was incorporated
2015- Organization is renamed to Lenox Hill Construction

Our Clients


Retail Projects

HH Gregg
White Castle
Yum! Brands
LA Fitness


Senior Health Care Projects

Windsor Estates CCRC
McAllister Nursing Home
Big River Nursing & Rehab
Oakwood Estates Nursing Home
Oak Ridge Senior Health Care Center
Archer Courts Senior Apartments Renovation
Washington & Langley Senior Apartments
Archer Senior Living Apartments
The Reserve of Geneva Senior Housing
Victory Centre of Roseland Senior Housing
Luther Terrace Apartments
Eastwood Tower Apartments
Carriage Creek Senior Apartments

Government & Municipal

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)
U.S. Social Security Administration (SSA)
Housing Authority of Cook County (HACC)
Public Building Commission of Chicago (PBC)
Chicago Public Schools (CPS)
Chicago Housing Authority (CHA)
Chicago Transit Authority (CTA)
Catholic Charities
Midway Airport Authority
Will County Sheriff
City of Joliet
Village of Frankfort
Frankfort Fire Protection
Frankfort Park District
Village of Libertyville
Lake County Illinois
Will County Public Building Commission
Morris School District (#54)
Northbrook Park District

New Ground-Up High Rise Construction Projects

8 story mixed-use high rise: Clark Street Condos/Retail, 747 N Clark, Chicago, IL
12 story: 434 w. Melrose: HarborView Condos, 434 Melrose, Chicago, IL
18 story mixed use high rise: Buena Point Condos, Montrose & Broadway, Chicago, IL


Multi-Unit Residential Renovation Projects

176 unit, 7 bldg renovation: Pheasant Ridge Apartments, Orland Hills, IL
150 unit, 2-7 story bldg renovation: Archer Courts Senior Housing, Chicago, IL
266 unit, 2-8 story bldg renovation: Washington/Langley Apartments, Chicago, IL
270 unit, 27 bldg renovation: Barbara Jean Wright Apartments, Chicago, IL
110 unit, 15 bldg renovation: Bridgeport Homes Renovation, Chicago, IL
89 unit renovation: Fox Shores Apartments, Aurora, IL

Institutional Projects

Chicago Military Academy (CMA), Phase I – VI
Will County Sheriff’s Sub Station
Social Security Administration Facilities
Catholic Charities Facilities


Industrial Projects

Beta Steel, Portage IN
TC Industries, Crystal Lake, IL
US Acrylic, Libertyville, IL
Henkel Adhesives, Elgin, IL
Resco Products, Hammond, IN


Why choose us?

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On Time Delivery

The construction process is a very complex undertaking. Lenox Hill Construction will complete all your projects on time and well within the budget.

Always Avaliable

Lenox Hill Construction is there for you anytime you need us. Contact us for a consultation, estimate or any question you might have about your project.

Honor and Integrity

Our core management philosophy is to maintain honor and integrity throughout all the various phases and inevitable challenges any project presents.

About Us

Lenox Hill Construction provides superior constructions for senior health care, health care, multi-family, family residential, retail, civil, and public work.

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