At Lenox Hill Construction – we are builders – from high-rise construction in dense urban cityscapes to campus settings that sprawl over acres of terrain, with a proven track record of experience providing preconstruction, estimating, and self-perform construction services, we can ensure early cost and schedule control on our projects, and certainty for our clients from concept through completion. 



Lenox Hill has the technical knowledge, resources, and wear-with-all to self-perform select critical trades on projects — from large-scale concrete pours or design and implementation of earth retention systems to the proper placement of cabinet drawer handle, Lenox Hill Construction has the resources and dexterity to complete the most critical components of the construction scope. Lenox Hill Construction has built a reputation for exceptional self-perform construction services and putting quality work in place with the utmost safety. 

Lenox Hill Construction Self Performs the following trade disciplines:

  • Excavation
  • Concrete
  • Civil/Site Utility Work
  • Carpentry

Our ability to self-perform key construction activities that are critical to progress such as excavation, concrete, concrete foundations, site utility work, and carpentry work enables us to lead on the job site by setting the tone and pace for construction, controlling project costs, and establishing standards for quality and safety. It also provides us with increased flexibility to respond to project and scope changes.

Self-performance also gives us much insight when we decide to subcontract this work to other firms, our experience with these critical trades becomes a significant benefit to our clients. Additionally, having a firsthand knowledge of the effort required to complete these trades with varying and ever-changing project conditions allows us to more accurately schedule the work, and enables our personnel to better monitor production and quality.

Self-performance gives Lenox Hill a strategic advantage by allowing us to have direct control over the most important aspects of a project: project costs, schedule, and quality.

Quality construction begins with quality craftsmen. Lenox Hill Construction hires and develops the best tradespeople to ensure that we can deliver the finest product to our clients. Our skilled labor and hands-on experience ensure that we get the job done right, from concept through completion.


On Time Delivery

The construction process is a very complex undertaking. Lenox Hill Construction will complete all your projects on time and well within the budget.

Always Avaliable

Lenox Hill Construction is there for you anytime you need us. Contact us for a consultation, estimate or any question you might have about your project.

Honor and Integrity

Our core management philosophy is to maintain honor and integrity throughout all the various phases and inevitable challenges any project presents.

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Lenox Hill Construction provides superior constructions for senior health care, health care, multi-family, family residential, retail, civil, and public work.

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